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Sculpt a movable 3D character with modeling clay to use in a stop-action animation film.


Drawing Cartoon Characters

Learn how to draw your favorite cartoon characters from Disney movies: Mickey Mouse to Olaf. We will draw the characters from a different movie each day.


Make Your Own Comic Books

Tell a joke or a story with your own cartoon characters. Use a variety of backgrounds, talk balloons, and viewpoints to make your comic come alive.


2D Puppet Animation

Create a paper puppet with movable joints to use as a character in a stop-action animation film.





Creative Art Journaling

Create a personal and fun journal that celebrates you and all the things you like. We will be doing free-form writing, drawing and doodling using colored pencils, watercolors, markers, found papers and photos.  Drawing, collage and writing come together in a uniquely personal expression of YOU.


Handmade Paper

You will learn how to mill, screen, press and emboss.  Complete a project using your handmade paper.  Take home finished sheets to make bookmarks or other fun pieces. 


Journal Jamboree!

Students will use a variety of mixed media processes to create pages for handmade journals/books. They will use illustration techniques applying stencils, stamps, paint, ink, collage and objects to assorted papers that will be bound into personal journals and/or Zines. Each Student will take home a minimum of 2 books.


Paper Power

Let’s discover what we can do with paper to create art: fold it, twist it, cut it up and put it back together.  Campers create colleges, fold origami and create cardboard constructions.  The possibilities are endless!


Printmaking without a Press!

Students will explore a variety of hand printing techniques. They will make their own gelatin printing plates, find and use natural materials to print on paper and fabric, make cyanotype prints and Japanese Gyotaku fish prints. Each Student will take home at least 1-2 framable print and a set of note cards and envelopes.





American Girl Goes to the Beach

Bring your American Girl® Doll or any 16”-18” doll and let’s create “Beach” themed accessories for our dolls!  Each day will have a “Beach” theme with activities and crafts take homes.


Creepy, Crawly Critters

Kids draw, paint, cut, print and sculpt a variety of creeping, crawling and flying creatures. Campers will enjoy creating gigantic bugs, sculpted chameleons and huge butterflies.  They will create a model of a Bug’s World.


Fashion Design and Illustration

Students will learn techniques to design and illustrate current trends and fashions including clothing, accessories, hair styles and fabric design.  Mixed media techniques will use colored pencil, watercolor, pastels, markers and pen and ink.


Fun with Mosaics

Mosaics are works of art created by using things like rocks, tiles or glass and we’re going to teach you how to make your own.  The only limit is your imagination!


Get Your Paint On!

Learn how to bring out the inner artist in you.  Learn to paint on a variety of surfaces. Campers will learn how to hand letter a sign with their personal slogan, paint a sun and moon design and upcycle their own personal shoes, totes or hats with cool designs and acrylic paint.


Imaginary Worlds

Kids explore the hidden world of their imagination.  Mythical, magical and other worldly creatures live in their own unique worlds. Campers will draw, paint and sculpt imaginary worlds complete with their own unique plant life and ecology.


In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Let’s go deep into space, discover new worlds and beings.  We will create a new reality of space-faring friends, some human looking, some not so human. In this class we will unleash our imagination, drawing, painting and creating a model of a world somewhere far, far away. Or maybe not so far from home!


Jurassic Journey

Let’s journey back in time to the world of towering dinosaurs and fiery volcanoes. Campers will learn to draw, paint and make models their favorite dinosaurs.  In our imagination, we will travel to the world of fern like trees and swampy wetlands.  (Can’t you just hear the baby dinosaurs cracking out of their shells?)


Meet the Artists

Campers understand more about famous artists when they create art like the famous masters. Kids create a starry night like Van Gogh, a colorful collage like Matisse, and a jungle scene like Rousseau.  Joan Miro’s fanciful people provide ideas for kids to create their own funny sculptures.


Mythological Creatures

Dragons, sea monsters, the Phoenix and the Pegasus are brought to life through art.  Campers look at different samples of the art of mythical creatures as they draw, paint and sculpt their own versions of creatures from the ancient mythology of the West and the East.


Ticket to Tibet 

Students will embark on a magical journey exploring the art and culture of Tibet. Children will make paper bead malas (prayer beads), prayer flags, paper lotuses, and more. Our young world citizens will create mandalas on paper, fabric and in the sand! Students will also be introduced to child appropriate low impact yoga, short meditation techniques and calming concentration drawing activities. Children will take home 2-4 projects.


Who Let the Dogs Out!

Campers will explore the works and stories of famous artists who used dogs as their beloved subject matter. Media will include paint, photo collage, colored pencil and clay. Bring a photo of your dog, or one you’d like to have! AM and PM projects will be different for campers who want to stay all day! 





Digital Photography

Learn to use different settings and applications on your digital camera or smartphone to create great photos! You’ll also learn basic rules of composition and lighting, and will use photo or multi-media software to enhance or distort the images to make a finished piece of art. Please bring your own digital camera or smartphone fully charged with your devices USB cord with a 4 GB memory card.






Clay Dragons and Mythical Creatures

Kids will dive into the magical world of dragons, fairies, ogres and elves, after drawing and coloring several mythical creatures, kids will learn various hand building techniques to model their creatures from self-hardening clay.  Creatures will be finished with acrylic paint.


Coral Reef Creations and WORDS

This is for the ocean lover. Each student will be taught to sculpt sea creatures and plants to add to their very own clay coral reef.  ALSO Words have strong meanings and practical use. We will design and create a clay word to stand for who they are and they will ADD a practical use to their art piece such as a pencil holder, treasure box, etc. to display on their desk.


Creative Castles with Clay

Kids will explore creative castle designs past and present including fictional castle designs such as Hogwarts from “Harry Potter” and various Minecraft Castle designs from the popular on-line game. Kids will learn various hand building and modeling techniques using self-hardening clay.  All work will be finished with acrylic paint.


Dinosaurs and Exploding Volcanoes
Kids will explore the world of dinosaurs creating at least 2 super cool dinosaur sculptures and a real exploding volcano! Kids will learn various hand building techniques to model their dinosaurs from self-hardening clay. Exploding volcanoes will be created with water-based clay and glazes. Parents will be invited to a "Volcano Party" on Friday to watch the volcanoes erupt!


Handmade & Wheel-Turned

Kids will make fun clay projects from their imagination using a variety of pottery tools plus found texturing tools like leaves, flowers, and kitchen tools.


Platters and Plaques

After looking at THE MASTERS' still life paintings of foods we will create a playful platter which will be an art piece that is both functional and beautiful. Each student will design, attach, and sculpt their final piece before firing and glazing. ALSO the clay plaques will be able to hang on the wall signifying their love for nature and the great outdoors.


Throwing on the Potter’s Wheel

Kids will learn basic wheel throwing skills and create at least 4 useful pieces of clay art such as a cup or a bowl. All work will be fired with food safe glazes.


Wind Chimes and Chihuly

We will create whimsical and unique clay chimes to hang up with colorful wire from the clay canopy base. These beautiful wind chimes can be hung on your porch to enjoy forever. Ideas for themes: Beach, Sports, etc. ALSO Colorful and Flowing would describe Chihuly inspired clay bowls formed and glazed to display or use as a jewelry dish, candy bowl, etc. 




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