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"PAL"entine Paint Party

Using stencils and creative flair, artists will add three faces to their canvas and embellish them with sunglasses, hats and accessories to capture a moment of fun.

Is it a Happy Hour, Sunset, or Music Festival? You decide!

Friday, February 10, 2023


Fun for All - Age 18+

Class Fee: $38

All Supplies Included - Make it and Take it home!

All Levels - No Experience Necessary - Step by Step Instructions.

Bring your own Snacks and Drinks. Let's relax and have some fun!

Meet your Instructor...

Deb Vest

Deb Vest, a local artist, has a lifetime of experience in both art and education. From caricatures at IRB neighborhood festivals to murals throughout the Beach communities, Deborah brings a sense of fun and love of color to her art. Deborah is a retired teacher from Pinellas County Schools and taught art education in San Diego prior to her move to Florida. In classes at the BAC, Deb will share her enthusiasm for creativity and respect for all painters at all levels of artistic confidence.

Art on the Rocks Policy

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