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Whimsical Self Portrait

Mixed Media Workshop- 3 hours. All levels welcome. Come and play with the vision you have of who you are, with paint and collage. Create who you think you are, who you want to be, who you once were. Identity is fluid. There are no rules here. Use any colors, patterns, forms, etc. The focus is not on creating a realistic portrait, but to explore the fluid nature of identity. Basic structure of how to draw a face will be provide for those who desire a loose format to build from.

Bring an 8.5x11 xerox of your favorite photograph of YOU to work from!

Friday, April 7, 2023


Fun for All - Age 18+

Class Fee: $38

All Supplies Included - Make it and Take it home!

All Levels - No Experience Necessary - Step by Step Instructions.

Bring your own Snacks and Drinks. Let's relax and have some fun!

Meet your Instructor...

Heather Rippert

Heather Rippert, fine artist, has been painting and drawing from the time she could hold a pencil. Her masterful and sensitive watercolors explore the vast beauty of the natural world emphasizing light and mood. Her life experiences inform her work. Dedicated to an active yoga practice for over twenty years, spiritual growth and development as a way of life are a major force in her creative expression. Walking through life, perpetually seeking the ‘lighted path’ is a theme that can be felt in her paintings. Her work dances between representational and atmospheric abstraction. She is one of 10 selected, out of forty seven applicants, for the Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist Grant.

Art on the Rocks Policy

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