Weekly Online Class
with Shawn Dell Joyce

Learn the basics of painting in six classes. Make six different paintings, one for each class, and learn specific skills with each painting! Each class focuses on a different art concept, brush skill, color skill, and drawing skill. At the end of six weeks you will have all the basics to be able to paint independently with confidence. Art skills you will learn include composition, foreground/background and where to begin, and creating the illusion of depth and perspective in your paintings. Drawing skills include how to transfer a drawing to a canvas (3 methods) value scales and value sketching, and starting with simple shapes. Learn how to mix and match color, and make your own color wheel. Learn how to use different brushes and what they are for, as well as tools like sea sponge and palette knife. Learn how to use sighting to draw in perspective and self evaluate your own work to build on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Great class for learning the basics! This class is online and you will be interacting with a others painting live at the same time.

Thursdays for 6 weeks


6/4 - 7/9

Fee: $20 (per class)

Level: Beginner (age 12+)

Supply List:

Canvases 11x14 or 12x16 or canvas pad

Acrylic paints: primary colors; red, yellow, blue plus black and white-Actual colors: cadmium red med., cadmium yellow light, cereleun blue and ultramarine blue.

Sea sponge

Brushes; flats ½” and bigger, rounds 6&8, palette knife. (Optional brushes - liner, angle brush, fan brush any sizes.)

 Optional materials: easel, washcloth or paper towels, water cup to rinse brushes, ruler and pencil

You can order curbside delivery from Michael’s or delivery from Jerry’s Artarama and get all your materials for around $75 or less. Please don’t purchase expensive materials, use what you have.




(727) 596-4331


1515 Bay Palm Blvd
Indian Rocks Beach
FL 33785, USA