After you Submit your Camp Proposal...

Important Next Steps:

1.  Create a SAMPLE PROJECT that can be photographed for promotional/marketing purposes for your Camp week.  This should be the main project the students work on during your camp week.  Bring your finished project to the Beach Art Center no later than March 1st so that it can be photographed.  Alternatively, you may take your own photographs of the finished project.  Photos must be taken in natural daylight and be of good quality.  Take at least 6 photos, some up close and some further away so the photo may be cropped as needed.

Email Andrea Harms with your photographs or notice that your project is complete and ready to be photographed by March 1st.  Andrea's email:

2.  Please contact Irene in our Administrative Office at the Beach Art Center for Orientation and to complete the necessary paperwork to be compensated.  Our office number is 727-596-4331 or email:

3.  Follow us on Facebook so we can more easily connect with you (click button below to get to our page). 

The Beach Art Center uses Facebook and Instagram to promote our programs.  As an Artist we encourage you to help promote your Course by posting about it on your social media platforms.  Be sure to tag the Beach Art Center. 


Welcome to our Community.  We look forward to working with you!