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Chris Brandley: Headliner
Chris Brandley Paint Alla Prima Workshop


Chris Brandley

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

April 7th - 9th, 2022


Fee: $495 for 3 days

Join me for 3 exciting days of painting in sunny Florida! The workshop takes place inside the air-conditioned Beach Art Center (just a few blocks from the beach).


My demos will be in oil, but some students choose to paint in Acrylics. (I will provide a color substitution for those who choose to paint in Acrylics).

*Please note: acrylics tend to dry much faster than oils, so I suggest using the Golden Open Acrylics with medium to extend dry time.*


Our time together will include step by step demonstrations, one on one individual easel time, and fun exercises to learn how to loosen up to create bold, colorful paintings. Nothing is held back during the demo process as I share each color mixture used. We will be painting in the “Alla Prima”method (working wet into wet).


Here’s what you will learn:

* to layer with transparent and opaque paints to get vibrant, clean color.

*to take an ordinary photo, and use artistic license to paint from the heart using expressive, loose brush strokes

*how to infuse beautiful lighting into your work

*color mixing

*how to arrange an eye-catching composition

*how to see Impressionistically, and explore the ability to “suggest” rather than “render” the subject.


Come prepared to have a relaxing, fun-filled learning experience.

This class is for all levels of painting, from beginners to advanced.

It’s designed to help take your painting to the next level.

For all the information and to register, please visit Chris Brandley's Website.

(If you are painting in Acrylics, please contact Chris for a supply list.)

Chris Brandley: Portfolio
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In 1989 I  graduated with a BFA in Art Education from Baylor University, and taught art in the public school system in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for 11 years. I loved teaching, but had a deep desire to do more of my own art.

I decided to take a leap of faith and step down from teaching so that I could establish my own art business. This included everything from decorative finishing and painting murals, to painting oil on canvas.

After demand for my paintings grew, I decided to make another transition in 2012 and relinquish the faux and mural side of my business to focus on my oils.  Several years ago I was asked to teach an adult oil painting workshop. In this I found a deep passion in helping others to further their own artistic goals. 

My oils embrace a range of subjects, with the main focus being on using expressive brushstrokes, intense lighting, and vivid color.

My goal is to put a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

Chris Brandley: Mission
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