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Joyce Curvin: Image
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with Joyce Curvin
Wednesday, October 19th and
Thursday, October 20th
Fee: $150 (for 2 nights)

Learn to make a fun, quirky bird from a plastic bottle, wire, paper and other new and recycled materials. We’ll start our first meeting discovering the basics of good armatures and paper mache, and devote the second evening to painting and design techniques. This is a two-evening workshop that will leave you wanting to create a whole flock of feathered friends in time for the holiday season.

Level: Open to All (age 14+)

Supplies:  All materials are included.

Joyce Curvin: Project
Joyce Curvin artist.jpg


I was brought up in a household that reused lots of stuff. Creativity was encouraged. We learned to sew, to do all sorts of crafts and had access to the tools in our dad’s workshop. It was great!
Chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs, cats and other critters populated our backyard, instilling in me a great love and respect for all sorts of animals.
I’ve dappled in lots of mediums over the years and landed on paper mache and mixed media work over 25 years ago. It’s the closest I can get to working with clay and not use a kiln.
I love the challenge of building the animal’s armature and delight in seeing it come to life as I layer on the paper and textures. As for color—the more the better!
I often pair birds with cats or dogs - sometimes to represent good or bad influence or just to demonstrate that friendship can overcome differences.
My goal is capture the moments of magic that happen in every day life—real or imagined—and to add some levity to this crazy world. Hope it makes you giggle.

Joyce Curvin: Mission
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