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Linda Wokoun: Headliner
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Linda Wokoun: Image


2-Day Watercolor Workshop
with Linda Wokoun
Saturday, November 5th +
Sunday, November 6th
Fee: $250

In this workshop we will practice a variety of wet-into-wet techniques encouraging pigments to mix and flow on the paper surface. This is the “Positive Flow” portion of the workshop. We will also be using negative painting (Negative Control) to bring structure and depth to the image. During the demonstrations, I may use some reference photos for inspiration but, I will rely heavily on thumb-nail designs to bring unity to the compositions.

Linda Wokoun: Photo Gallery
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Based in Southwest Florida, water media artist Linda Wokoun leverages the natural characteristics of water to bring energy and movement to her paintings. She likes to incorporate both abstract and representational elements in her work and believes that water media is particularly well suited to her approach.
Linda is a signature member and current President of the Florida Sun Coast Watercolor Society where she regularly exhibits and has won several awards. She is a member of the Florida Watercolor Society and the Transparent Watercolor Society of America where she has also exhibited. Linda is a popular workshop instructor teaching throughout the Florida area.

Linda Wokoun: Mission
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