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May 2020 News

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Beach Art Center Introduces a NEW Booking System We’ve been closed but progress is being made to improve your experience when the art center reopens. We are introducing a new online booking system. As of Thursday, May 14, the Beach Art Center is moving to a new online booking system called Acuity Scheduling. We believe this system will be more streamlined for our students, provides some nice online tools for our teachers and removes some of the administrative steps for Irene. If you were a user of our old system, your email and password information will not automatically transfer automatically to this new system. The first time you book with Acuity Scheduling, you will need to enter your email & phone number. Once you set up an account, using a password - this information will be saved. You can register without a password, but your contact details will not be saved and will need to be entered each time – it’s your option. Unlike our current system, with Acuity, if you set up an account with a password, you will have the option to save your credit card details so you can easily book in the future without entering that number each time. (a feature many of you requested). To keep it simple… after Thursday, go to the BAC website, www.beachartcenter.org, click “Register for Courses” in the upper right and you’ll be taken to the new booking site to have a look around. To check out the courses we have available – from our website, click on the tab marked “Classes & Workshops”. Email your questions or comments, to beachartcenter@gmail.com.

Come ZOOM with Us.

Last week the Beach Art Center rolled out our Live On-Line Art Courses. The response was great! Students from across the US joined their BAC instructors and fellow students for fun and informative ZOOM ART! We've added more class this week and will keep adding sessions so you can keep creating! Join us in the comfort and safety of you own home. Weekly Online Class include: Beginning Painting Next Steps; Beginning Drawing Still Life; and Figure Drawing with Shawn Dell Joyce; plus Exploring Watercolor Magic with Roberta Romeo! Keep checking our website for new offerings...

Go to https://www.beachartcenter.org/classes to sign up today.

Barb Kuzin will be ZOOMING soon!

Acrylic's with Barb Kuzin - all levels welcome keep checking the website. So exciting! :)

Help us continue to shine... .

While our doors our closed we continue to work hard for you... to bring the Creative Arts to all in new and exciting ways. We can not wait until this is all behind us. I would like to thank the students who have donated their class fees to keep money coming in. If you would also like to help us continue to shine by making a donation today and if that is not an option at this time then keep sending us positive vibes and well wishes

Beach Art Center is 501c3 Non-profit corporation https://www.beachartcenter.org/support

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