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The Beach Art Center Capital Campaign Begins!

Indian Rocks Beach’s Art Center has undergone a transformation over the past several months (see above - before and after our “Exterior Beautification). With a rejuvenated board, an action plan prepared by a volunteer management consultant, and a re-charged gift shop, the art center is reaching new highs. The center provided a record number of adult classes this year, and reinstituted kids’ camp. And importantly, thanks to an anonymous donor, they were able to repair the exterior stucco that was cracked and falling off the building. Marjorie Meier-Belt, President of the Art Center commented, “You could say we’re really making waves, aren’t we? The exterior captures our beach environment with a beautifully updated color palette.”

The work principally consisted of repair and replacement of the deteriorated substrate framing along with new and repaired stucco. Dynamic Property Services, a local construction firm, performed the work. The result was a new, waterproof exterior, while maintaining the well-known painted wave. The front lawns were regraded, landscaped, and new gutters were added to solve the lobby’s flooding problems.

But as with all improvements projects, one never knows what one is going to encounter when one starts ripping out walls. And during this summer’s project, the Art Center discovered they need significant hurricane reinforcements. Belt Engineering donated an evaluation and plans for a professional solution to meet current codes. The work will consist of installing exterior, commercial-grade windows and doors and installing hurricane strap tie downs to the existing roof framing. The proposed solution will preserve the existing framing and roof. Larry Gerwig, the Board Member in charge of facilities explained, “We’ve found the most cost-effective solution for addressing the infrastructure needs, while making sure our existing investments remain in place.”

But safety won’t come cheap - the cost of the upgrade is estimated at $125,000. The Board of the Art Center is seeking donations, and will launch a capital-raising campaign to help ensure our treasured asset is prepared to meet the environmental challenges ahead while continuing to enhance and enrich the “creative side” of beach residents and visitors for years to come.

Please contact the Art Center at 727-596-4331 for more details, or to make a donation.

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