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Advanced Watercolor

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with Roberta Romeo
Wednesdays, 1:00pm-4:00pm
** Class begins 8/17/22 **

Step above your basic understanding of watercolor and join me as we explore blending and mingling, controlling wetness, creating atmosphere and drama as well as various ways to create textures. We study a variety of artists styles, a variety of compositions and color schemes as you discover your personal style and palette colors.  The goal is to be enjoy and be inspired by this beautiful, transparent dancing medium. The class will offer plenty of opportunity for discussions, Q & A session and opportunities for personal one on one instruction. The format includes a variety of demonstrations, personal painting time, paint along, etc.  I will send out email with photo reference and description of each class demo. Students are always encouraged to explore personal choices in subject matter and projects.

Weekly Class - In-House or ZOOM from home!
Wednesdays 1:00-4:00pm 
Instructor: Roberta Romeo

Class Fee: $30 (Members $24)

Level:  Intermediate/Advanced
Supply Fee: No
Supply List: Yes

Note: This is an HYBRID course, meaning you can join the class in-person at the Beach Art Center or Online from home using the application "ZOOM."   

To Zoom, you will need a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone in order to participate.  Once you register, you will receive a link to follow to join the class online.   

If you do not have any experience with Zoom, don't worry, we can help you!

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Membership Benefit:

$6 OFF

Our Members receive a discount. Sign up and receive $6 off every class!

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A little about me...Born in Ohio, my family moved frequently and I was always the new kid on the block. I was drawn to the world of the artist, I loved drawing, doodling, and creating crafts. I met my first artist, my friend’s dad in Memphis, and he showed me how to draw a tree that wasn’t a lollipop.  From that moment on I never saw anything in nature without imaging how I would draw it or paint it.   I would look at how God threw splashes of colors to create the autumn trees; the  purples, turquoise and oranges a sunset;  the unending shapes that form clouds; the precious animations of my grandchildren; the regalness of the egret or sassiness of the gull or . . .    How could I not be inspired when everywhere I turn around is God’s magnificent creation to behold.As a child, I wanted to be a teacher, so I did take a few art classes in undergrad school. At my last school, Oakland Center in Georgia, I painted a mural on the atrium walls and have completed several commissioned pieces. I have painted in oils and acrylics but after taking water color classes with Terry Denson, I was reeled into the amazing world of water color. I can’t explain to you how excited I get when I see watercolor dancing around the paper and am so amazed at the creation it produces.  I can’t wait to try the next piece just to see what happens.  I delight in the vibrancy of color, the flowing movement of colors into each other, and the transparency of one color over another.  I enjoy using traditional techniques and am sure as I mature as an artist, I will embrace modern ideas as well, but no matter, I love the season I am in and the seasons of growth that lie ahead as a watercolor artist.  I have received several awards at art shows.

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