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Robert Simone Painting Waves Workshop 3.


Robert J. Simone

Saturday & Sunday

December 4th & 5th, 2021


Fee: $225

Nationally recognized artist Robert J. Simone will share his unique approach to painting ocean waves and water including some special effects.

Participants will learn how to capture all aspects of water including how to make it look wet and translucent. Special emphasis will be given to wave anatomy, seafoam, and spindrift.

Expect both demonstration and personal instruction at your easel.

Robert is appreciated for his rare ability to explain clearly what he is doing and why as he demonstrates. His goals as an instructor are always that students enjoy themselves immensely, leave excited about painting and take home a finished painting.

2-Day Painting Workshop
Saturday, December 4, (2021) 9:30am-4pm  
Sunday, December 5, (2021) 9:30am-4pm 
Instructor: Robert J. Simone
Level:  All Levels

Open to Mediums: Acrylic, Oil, Water-Based Oil
Supply Fee: No
Supply List: Yes

**scroll down for more wave paintings**

Robert Simone: Project
Robert Simone: Pro Gallery


Robert J Simone Artist.jpg

Oil, Water-Based Oil, Acrylic

Robert J. Simone is an artist with the ability to see extraordinary beauty in ordinary places. His enthusiasm for nature and passion for painting are infectious. He has been described as a highly-skilled representational painter who possesses an innate sense of color and composition. Simone has a way of seeing, an artistic vision, which is uniquely his own.  He responds to and paints the landscape in a way that makes it more accessible to the viewer.  He believes the creation of fine art goes beyond the mere learning of a craft.  He says, “The art of painting is passionate response to nature.   It’s a way of seeing that orchestrates the broad array of visual stimuli into a harmonious whole.”

Simone is a respected instructor who strives to inform, encourage and inspire.  He is known for both his ability to demonstrate and to explain.  He is a generous, organized and patient teacher.  According to one appreciative student, “He knows what we need to know and is willing to tell us!”  Robert says, “The impulse to paint is an emotional response to nature.  But it requires some sort of framework through which we can express ourselves adequately.” Simone draws a correlation between music and painting, “In music, the scale provides the basic framework for expression.  In painting, shapes, values, colors and edges provide the framework for expression.  In that sense, painting becomes a translational process.  It’s a visual language.  At its most fundamental level painting is noticing and comparing.  That’s what I teach, the fine art of noticing and comparing!”

Robert Simone: Meet the Team
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