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Sheryl Unwin: Headliner
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Sheryl Unwin

Saturday, February 27th, 2021


Fee: $100

This workshop will Introduce you to the fabulous world of Scratchboarding. Teaching you the basic various techniques using a variety of different tools to bring your image to life. The first hour of class you will learn about the different scratchboard materials that can be used for your etching, a practice board will be supplied to each student allow them to try out different tools and techniques that can be use to create different effects such as fur, Stippling, cross hatching, etc. The remaining time in class we will transfer the same image to a 5x7 Ampersand Scratchbord, doing the same image will allow the instructor to give step by step instruction to the students, as well as having time with each person for one on one Instruction. There will be a 1 hour Lunch break in the middle of the session.

1-Day Workshop
Saturday, February 27, 10am-5pm  
Instructor: Sheryl Unwin
Level:  All (Age 18+)
Supply Fee: No
Supply List: Yes

Sheryl Unwin: Project
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Sheryl Unwin is originally from Billerica, Massachusetts, she has lived in Gosport, England between 1997-2005 with her husband before moving to sunny Florida in August 2005. She is mainly self taught, but she did attend the Art Institute of Boston between 1984-1986 with a Major in Illustration. Her professional background currently is as a Graphic designer working in the Commercial and Sign/T-shirt Printing industry between 1984 to Present. Today her passion for animals and nature has inspired her to create realistic scratchboard, color and graphite pencil and Pen and Ink drawings of some of my most favorite subjects. She loves to draw from the largest of wildlife creatures to the smallest of domestic pets. This has become her passion and interest of choice, but she still loves to draw portraits of people as well. Sheryl is currently a Signature Member of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists along with being a member and Instructor at North Port Art Center, Englewood Art Center, Visual Art Center, Punta Gorda and Manatee Art Center, Bradenton.

Sheryl Unwin: Mission
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