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Paint Like Bob Ross - August

Remember that soft-spoken guy with the "afro" hair-style who painted beautiful paintings in a half hour on your local PBS station? He was always saying sweet things like, "Happy Little Trees®" & "No Mistakes, Just Happy Accidents®". Did you know that after he passed away in 1995, he left a training school that certifies instructors to teach his method all over the world? Chrissy is one of those teachers. CRI’s are allowed to teach the Bob Ross method wherever they choose to teach! Bob Ross Workshops are for anyone wanting to paint beautiful Bob Ross Style Scenes utilizing all the Bob Ross Branded paints, brushes, pallet knives, etc. to have a fun & rewarding experience in about three hours.

Bob Ross’ mission was to make painting fun and rewarding for everyone, not just for the chosen few. Whether you’ve painted before, or you’ve never touched a brush in your life, this workshop will show you that there are no great mysteries to painting. You need only the desire & a few basic tools (provided) that have been developed by Bob Ross himself. At the end of the workshop you’ll go home with a frame-ready painting that you never thought possible, created by your own heart & hands.  Happy trees, mountains  and clouds await!

In this Aug workshop we'll will be painting our own version of Bob's "Golden Knoll".

Water, Coffee, Soda, and Snacks available by donation. Or bring your own.

Pre-Registration is Required. Click the button below to Sign Up!

Sunday, Aug 11, 2024


Level: All

Age 12+

(All Kids under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an Adult. If the Adult wishes to participate in the class, they must also register.)

Workshop Fee: $99

Supplies: Supplies Included

Meet your Instructor...

Chrissy Samson, CRI

Artist Chrissy Samson specializes in the Bob Ross® style of painting (wet on wet/ala prima oil technique). Attending The Bob Ross Academy, she earned her Certified Ross Instructor® status. She has the full endorsement from Bob Ross, Inc. to re-create his paintings and techniques. She now holds workshops in NC and Florida carrying on Bobs Dream to have art available to everyone, not just the chosen few, making art accessible to all. Chrissy has been creating art her entire life. From acrylic creations, oil paints, creating murals, sketching and mixed media design she has been exploring art and teaching children and adults in her home state of North Carolina for many years and is now bringing her love of art to our area.

Workshop Policy

All fees associated with classes and workshops are non-refundable.  In the event a registrant needs to change or cancel their registration, the registrant should contact the Beach Art Center as far in advance as possible. Any agreement to change, cancel or transfer a registration after the class/workshop date has taken place is made at the sole discretion of the instructor.  

Beach Art Center reserves the right to cancel workshops if minimums are not met or for any other reason relevant to business needs. In the event of a cancellation initiated by Beach Art Center, the registrant will receive a full refund.  Beach Art Center does not hold credits on account for future use.

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