Beach Art Center



Entry fees for all shows are per piece. Standard fees are $10 per piece for members, $15 per piece for non-members. Members must be current in order to receive discounted rates. Each artist may enter a maximum of 2 (two) pieces of work. Works are accepted during posted times. Beach Art Center may not accept work which is not properly prepared for display according to requirements.


All exhibiting artists must fill out one entry form per work which constitutes Artist’s agreement with Beach Art Center related to the originality and sale price of each work. The form is also a receipt for the Artist and is required to be presented at time of pick-up. Please understand that the Beach Art Center may have volunteers assisting with take-in and pick-up, therefore, the receipt acts as identification of the artist and the work.


Your artwork is a reflection of the members, students and instructors of Beach Art Center. As such, we require these standards for all work to be displayed.
Artists may be asked to correct framing, wiring, or matting to re-submit works within the scheduled acceptance times where necessary.

  • Artwork: Works must be dry, completed and signed by artist. Gallery wrap may be used provided that the quality of work on the front continues around the edges and no staples are visible around the front or edges.

  • Size: Each piece shall be no larger than 36” x 40” (152" sum total of all sides), including the frame.

  • Frames: no larger than 4” wide; must be simple in design; must be in good condition without chips, scratches, dust, etc.; corners must be tight.

  • Plexiglass must be used for all work larger than 22"x28" to accommodate weight limitations. We will not make exceptions to this requirement.

  • Mats: must be white or off-white; free of dust, dirt, smudges, or other imperfections. Mats must fit snugly in the frame. A 1/2" colored liner is permissible.

  • Wires: works must be wired properly using screw eye hooks or d-rings approximately one-third down from the top of your frame edge; wire must be taut. We do not accept works with saw-tooth hangers or other contrivances.

  • Sculptural / Pottery / Clay works are displayed on a pedestal with an 18" square surface. Pre-approval is encouraged by sending a description of dimensions with a photo to prior to delivering 3-dimentional work.


Each entry must be the artist’s original creation and concept. Copies of photographs from books or magazines, computer-altered original art, and copies of other artist's works may not be entered into competitions. Computer alterations of one’s own photography is acceptable.
Only original works may be sold through the Beach Art Center. We do not accept giclée reproductions. Exceptions may be made for student shows and holiday sale shows as noted in specific calls to artists, and provided that credit is given to original artist (where applicable), work is not for sale, and/or public is aware of type of reproduction. The artist is solely responsible for any and all claims that may arise as a result of copyright infringement.


All entries must have been completed within two years prior to any show and must not have received an award at a any Beach Art Center show or event.


Artists are expected to leave their work in the exhibit until the date for pick-up. Only the Executive Director may approve any exceptions (ex. sale of the work). Noncompliance can cause disqualification of the artist from future exhibits. In the event of a sale, where the piece purchased is not an award winner, purchaser may remove his piece. If a winning piece sells, a 'sold' sign will be posted and the purchaser will be asked to leave the piece until the show ends. In the event the piece is sold to an individual who is leaving the area, the exhibition chairperson or the Executive Director may approve removal of the work by the purchaser. Under no circumstances is an artist allowed to pick up a winning piece of work prior to the end of a show. If an artist knows they may need to pick work up at an earlier date, artist is expected to declare pick up date on form and is disqualified from any judging and awards for the show.


It is necessary to pick up work promptly on the specified date and time or to arrange for pick up by someone else. Due to a lack of storage we are not able to store paintings.Work left more than 30 days after the designated pick-up date will be forfieted to Beach Art Center for disposal at our discretion.


Beach Art Center deducts 30% donation on all sales. The exhibiting artist is responsible for paying the tax on the sale to the state of Florida.


Unless specifically noted, the Beach Art Center shall have permission to photograph and reproduce, for publicity purposes and publication in our web page, any or all works of art placed on exhibition.


All entries will be handled with the greatest care. The Beach Art Center is not responsible for loss or damage by any cause. All entries are submitted and received subject to this condition.


Submission of any entry into any show constitutes the Artist’s understanding and acceptance of all terms and conditions listed above.