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"Art on the Rocks" Class
Saturday, Oct 29, 1pm-4pm
$38 includes all supplies

Go to our "Art on the Rocks" page and scroll down to find the class listing for more info and to register...

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6-Week Limited Series Class
Tuesdays 6-9pm, 11/8-12/13

Scroll down for more info and to register for this 6-week course...

Katra Peck: Classes


Limited Series Class
with Katra Peck
Tuesdays - 11/8, 11/15, 11/22, 11/29, 12/6, 12/13
Fee: $180 for 6 weeks ($144 for Members)

Exploring Abstraction is a 6-week course which created to expand your skills, knowledge, confidence and joy in abstract painting. I think the most exciting aspect of this class is the versatility of the exercises.
We all have an innate abstract language within us. The exercises contain basic principles, that when applied, change artists' work in unexpected ways and also change they way they see their work.
The rewards are many. You are learning how to construct your paintings in new ways using mark making, activating the canvas collage, a simple harmonious palette, and a range of values, dark to light, Painting intuitively, automatic drawing, veiling and flux, tools of the trade combining different mediums. 
At the same time, you are developing your eye to notice all of the subtleties of abstract composition. Mixing a limited harmonious palette keeps us focused on our abstract principles without the challenge of organizing many colors, but also gives us the opportunity to learn how to master our tools and materials.
The exercises will expand your abstract vocabulary, naturally push your work to the next level, give you new ways to begin an abstract painting, and improve your ability to "see." Learning to moving past stuck becomes easier. Your ability to "see" how abstract elements impact each other improves.
We'll be working in Acrylics and incorporating other mediums as we go along.

Katra Peck: Photo Gallery
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I have been a Florida resident since 1978 where I began my art studies. I currently live in Largo Fl. and work in my home studio. My work as an artist and teacher has been in all mediums. I primarily work in acrylics mixing with other media such as pastels, ink, watercolor, collage and oils. I do not limit myself to one type of art. I have painted all styles of art from realism to impressionist and now abstract. Abstract painting allows me free expression of emotions and helps to loosen up my representational work. This allows me to be free to express myself in my art in new ways. I constantly push myself to discover new techniques.

Katra Peck: Mission
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